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    Would it be correct if use "сейчас " at the end.
    Я читаю эту книгу сейчас.
    Yes, it would.

    El orden de las palabras en ruso depende a menudo de lo que el parlante quiere subrayar. Lo que es más importante en el caso concreto debe ser al comienzo de la oración. Por ejemplo, si quiere subrayar que lee el libro actualmente y no lo leyó antes, hay que decir "Я (как раз) сейчас читаю эту книгу". Y si quiere subrayar que lee exactamente este libro y ningun otro, hay que decir "Я (именно) эту книгу сейчас читаю".
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    Would it be correct if use "сейчас " at the end.
    Я читаю эту книгу сейчас.
    Grammatically it's correct, but bear in mind that nearly any change in the word order (and/or intonation) causes certain pragmatic changes in the message. Typically new information is put in the end; in your case it signifies that "я читаю эту книгу" is all supposed to be the old information (theme); "сейчас" becomes the key point of the message and is expected to be marked by the raising and falling intonation. Other intonational patterns and related underlying meanings would be atypical with that word order (although, of course, anything happens from time to time during the real-time generation of phrases).

    Other word orders and intonational patterns would be too many to list here (that's more than a dozen variants, with different messages and contextual usages), even though many would be more common.


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    Thanks for the answers guys I think I understand now.

    Спасибо за ответ. Я думаю я сейчас понимаю.
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