Скажи мне сколько пузырьков в лимонаде?

Note, I don't know Russian at all. I have studied it a bit in the past, and I would love to learn it. But for the time being, I pretty much don't know anything beyond a few words and some conjugations.

Its the lyrics to a song I found, in the song Роман by Винтаж. I found a translation for the song online, but part of it confuses me.

The two lines that confuse me are these:

Скажи мне сколько пузырьков в лимонаде,
Ладно, не отвечай зачем тебе это надо

I know what they translate as:

Tell me how many bubbles is there in lemonade.
All right, don't answer - why would you need it?

But I dont get what she means by this. Is this some sort of idiom or cultural reference? It seems wierd to me. I think the part about 'how many bubbles in lemonade' is supposed to be a metaphor for something that is unknowable and constantly changing, but that's just my own speculation.

Can anyone enlighten me?
  • Maroseika

    No idiom, no cultural reference, it means exactly what's written in English and seems to me very clear and not weird at all. As for the metaphor, this is quite possible, but this is the question to the poet, not to Russian natives.

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    In English when we ask this sort of question - the sort of question which is impossible to answer because there may be any number of unknowables, imponderables and variables - we often say "how long is a piece of string?" However, as Maroseika says, "how many bubbles are there in a (bottle/glass etc of) lemonade?" is clear enough in English too.
    (And of course "верёвка" doesn't rhyme very well with надо" either.)
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