Сколько раз + infinitive


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Сколько раз всем вам повторять...

How many times do I have/need to tell all of you that...

In a (rhetorical) interogative sentence with "Сколько" at the beginning, is it common to use an infinitive verb like this without the subject "я/мне"?

Is it odd to add an extra word like "надо"?
  • Maroseika

    Using an infinitive is not just common, but unavoidable in such construction: сколько раз надо вам/вас предупреждать, звонить, напоминать...
    Omitting мне doesn't change anything. However "я" is impossible here. In this case you need something like должен (сколько раз я должен повторять).

    "Надо" is not odd, just intensifying the question.
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