Стрелять из-под собаки (hunting term)

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Two friends talk about a third one, a fellow Siberian hunter who hides in the taiga. One of them suggests the third, Stepan, won't care to check his snares for sables.

— А то! Целый год ждать охоты и не ловить соболя. А для чего собаку взял, а? Стреляет он из-под нее, Степан — мужик, упертый на своем…

What is the meaning of the underlined sentence?

Thanks in advance.
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    There are two types of sable hunting. One of them is to set pit traps with fish or meat to catch sables, and another one is to track a sable with dogs. And the dogs are trained not to kill the animal, but drive it onto a tree. This is done so that the dogs would not damage the fur of the animal. Then the hunter kills the sable with a shotgun. This type of sable hunting sometimes is called "стрелять (соболя, куницу, белку и т.д.) из-под собаки".
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