Уж как-то

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  1. turkjey5 Senior Member

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    Что значит "Уж как-то"?

    Большое спасибо!!

    - А где моя рубашка, а? Зря я у тебя, Юлия Борисовна, оказался. Прохоренко не простит... Может, я себе уже карьеруполомал. Ты-то как?
    - Уж как-то.
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    - Ты как?
    - Уж как-то = так себе (кое-ка, неважно, не очень хорошо).
  3. turkjey5 Senior Member

    English - USA
  4. YXWV Member

    Уж как-то - Well, in some way. Возможный подтекст этого выражения : Да уж как-то обошлись без тебя, и без твоей помощи, и без твоих вопросов.
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  5. strawberry_candy New Member

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    In this paragraph, I would say it means "so-so"
  6. Gorkyi New Member

    First of all, let me note that you don't want to use "Уж как-то" in speech or writing. It has very little sense, if any, in contemporary Russian. It is an outdated expression, nowadays you may only encounter it in a rural area. I'm not even sure what the person is trying to express, "so-so" or "somehow or other".
  7. Sobakus Senior Member

    You seem to be the only one who feels this way.
  8. Gorkyi New Member

    Maybe. Have you ever used or heard the expression in everyday speech or writing?
  9. Sobakus Senior Member

    Since it doesn't seem outdated or senseless to me, I guess I have.
  10. Solle

    Solle Senior Member

    The expression is not outdated. It's colloquial and very...dependent on context. CF. a similar one:

    - Как же вы доберетесь? Уже поздно, автобусы не ходят.
    - Уж как-нибудь (in some way or other)
  11. Basalitan New Member

    Yes, the expression is not outdated. Could also mean "How are you?" - "Could be better".

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