Уха in the negated accusative?


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What is the correct form of уха in the accusative?
Он не мог есть уху, ухи(?)
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  • Maroseika

    Acc.: Он не мог есть уху (именно эту уху, о которой уже говорилось).
    Gen.: Он не мог есть ухи (уха в более обобщенном значении).

    However the natives do not always discern this nuance. But cf.:

    Съешь суп (этот суп). vs Поешь супу (какого-нибудь).
    In both cases colocutors know what soup they are talking about. But in the first case the semantic accent is falling on the concrete soup. And in the second case there is no such an accent, idea is that one should eat a soup, even though there is no other soup.
    Hope, this was not too confusing...
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    Съешь суп (этот суп). vs Поешь супу (какого-нибудь).
    Another difference between the two could be (depending on the context):
    Съешь уху - eat the fish soup (all of it, e.g. in your bowl)
    Поешь ухи - eat some fish soup (even if we are talking about specific soup, e.g. some of the soup from the pot)


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    I would say "Он не мог есть уху" anyway (whether soup is specific or not)
    Он не мог есть ухи - doesn't sound right, plus in written form it looks like incorrect form of уши (plural from ухо - ear). If I saw this sentence without context I'd definitely ask "what are you talking about?" (что еще за "ухи"?)

    As for Поешь ухи is absolutely fine within relevant context
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