Хорошего дня!


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I'm guessing it is perhaps the standard usage, but in English 'Good day' is not used prevalently.

Can somebody help me come up with a range of different greetings starting from very formal to very familiar?

Also what is appropriate for conversation to somebody you have just been acquainted to? I've been reminded that it isn't "gentle" to talk much of one self with somebody new in Russian culture... :p
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    "Хорошего дня!" is quite formal and not common. Strictly speaking, it's not the same as "Good day" in English. It's rather "Have a good day", i.e. what you use while saying good bye.
    The common translation for the greeting "Good day" is "Добрый день" which is quite common and not very formal. "Здравствуй(те)" is much more common anyway. But if you meet a friend, use "привет" because "здравствуй" could even sound cold in some cases.


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    "Хорошего дня" sounds quite odd. "Добрый день" is much better.:)

    "Добрый день" and "Здравствуйте" are formal greetings, but also the most neutral, they can be used on all occasions. "Добрый вечер" (Good evening), too, can be used.

    "Доброе утро" (Good morning) - is less formal, in my opinion, and more cordial.

    "Здравствуй" or "Привет" (the latter being informal) can be used when addressing a friend or a colleage. "Здравствуйте" can be used when addressing several persons.


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    "Хорошего дня" - sounds curiously in the case of met somebody, and it is not a greeting, you can say it at parting.
    "Доброе утро", "Добрый день", "Добрый вечер" are formal approximately equally.
    "Доброго дня", "Доброй ночи" you can say at parting.
    Very familiar: "Здоров!", "Здорово!"