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  1. Nemo12 Member

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    In French, letters to close friends are often signed: gros bisous --"big kisses"

    Is this sort of affectionate wording used in Russian culture between friends? Would a close friend sign a letter Целую ("kisses")? Or is Целую reserved for a romantic relationship?

  2. olyka Member

    You are correct. In Russian you can use "Целую" to express affection towards your friends, relatives etc. It's common to have the letters signed this way or at the end of a phone conversation etc
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    I'm far not sure you may use it in Russian letters exactly like in the French.
    I guess the main question to be taken into account here is whether you use to kiss your correspondent in fact, when meet personally?
    If not, I can't imagine how you will write it in the letter.
    I also can't imagine such letter end for a man writing to a man, unless they are close relatives.
  4. olyka Member

    I agree with Maroseika. It's not like in French. I was writing a response from a female prospective (by being a female myself..lol). A female can sign a letter with "kisses" regardless who the recipient is (if it's a good friend or relative) but I can't imagine a male signing a letter this way to another man.
  5. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    No way to use "Целую" between males, unless they are gays or close relatives.

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