Что надо, то и рушится

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    Что значит "Что надо, то и рушится"?
    Заранее большое спасибо!!

    Кто-то избил прораба и украл деньги:
    -А прораб, Вы говорите, ни жив, ни мертв?
    -Не, врачи сказали, что жить-то будет, но скорее всего лежа и молча. Речевой нерв задет, увы, навсегда. Что надо, то и рушится, а то бы рассказал, и нет проблем.
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    This is a relaxed variation of the Murphy's law: "The thing that I need most is always broken".

    The investigator is talking about the foreman. There seem to be some mystery, which could be easily solved if the foreman was able to tell his story. But the foreman has suffered an accident and cannot talk at all. Hence, the investigator says: "что [мне] надо" = "what I need", "то и рушится" = "that thing breaks".

    The word "рушится" in such context is misleading. Its primary meaning in the context of building construction is "collapse". So I thought that that phrase refers to some collapsed building. It was not before I read a page of preceeding script that I realized that this word is used in some other sense here...
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    Thanks, I couldn't figure out who the надо or the рушится refers to.

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