Я и так встаю в шесть.

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  1. Kuvik

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    Here a small inquiry, please give me a hand.

    Зотов, вы всегда опаздываете!
    Извините, но я далеко живу, а утром везде пробки. Я и так встаю в шесть.

    I understand this text except for the last sentence. Does it mean I will get up at six from now on or despite the fact that I get up at six I am still late?
  2. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    No. Even now I am getting up at six. I am already getting up at six.
  3. Solominka New Member

    It means: "I already get up very early and I wouldn't like to get up earlier". "И так" expresses irritation.

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