а что вы? / what about you?

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  1. thisnameistaken New Member

    Is "а что вы?" the correct translation for "what about you?"

    I came across it in a textbook. The context is:

    Some children want to be doctors or teachers. What about you? Who do you want to be when you grow up?

    I would have thought the Russian would be "а вы?"
  2. floresblancas Member

    You're right, what should be used here is "А Вы?" or rather "А Ты?" – cos we normally refer to very little children in this familiar form. Full version: "А Вы кем хотите стать?" / "А Ты кем хочешь стать?"
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    А что вы sounds bookish and old-fashioned.
  4. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    Some corrections:
    Unless the sentence starts with it, вы is capitalized only if addressed to one person, in official correspondence; ты is not capitalized.

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