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    Mr. Forero is asking the meaning of баюшки in this lullaby. I wonder if it is a word that sounds like a baby crying? An onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named. In English we have the sound of a hound dog barking called "baying" and that type of dog sounds like a baby crying.

    "Баю - баюшки - баю,
    Не ложися на краю.
    Придет серенький волчок
    И ухватит за бочок.
    Он ухватит за бочок
    И потащит во лесок,
    Под ракитовый кусток."
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    No, that comes from ancient the ancient verb "баять" - to narrate, to recite, to tell a tale, with or without music. See "Байка", "Кот Баюн", "Баян" and old times classics such as "Сказ о Слове Баянове", "Слово о Плъку Игореве" и т.д.

    And just the common nursery rhyme:

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    I believe those words are a reflection of the verbs "баюкать" and "убаюкивать", which are "to lull someone", "to still someone", "to put someone to sleep". These verbs and meanings are neither archaic nor obsolete, so you can look them up in a modern dictionary. Ymopa has already given you a good ethymological insight on the origins.
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