бей своих, чтобы чужие боялись

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  1. turkjey5 Senior Member

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    Что значит "бей своих, чтобы чужие боялись"?
  2. Saluton Banned

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    It's an ironic expression often used in respect of people who attack others from their own team.
  3. dvdvbrn New Member

    literally it means "beat your friends, so your enemies will be scared of you"
    usually phrase is used to condemn somebodies irrespectful (to his friends) behaviour
  4. Selyd Senior Member

    Еврейская полиция в Акре явно действовала по старому принципу «Бей своих, чтобы чужие боялись». Избито дубинками и арестовано множество евреев, посмевших прибегнуть к самозащите против обнаглевших арабов.
  5. marco_2 Senior Member

    Is the meaning of this expression similar to Кошку бьют, а невестке наветки дают (in Bulgarian: Казвам те дъщи - сещай се, снахо, in BCS: Ćerku kara, snasi prigovara)?
  6. Colora

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    Бей своих, чтобы чужие боялись
    Intimidate everybody through brutalizing your closest people first

    When I was reviewing old threads I found one phrase that I was interested in talking about. I'd like to share my view on the meaning of this phrase and my translation of this work.
    I believe that this expression implies that human leadership can exceed its authority. This defines a limit which should not be crossed. When someone misuses his power and tries to control other people he is no longer a competent leader. No matter how big the group of people who undergo his violence, he is still considered a tyrant. There is a distinct possibility that domestic violence, gun violence, religion fanaticism, political violence are the end products of this individual's evolution from a good leader to a poor leader. This results in a break down in the well being of the group.
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  7. Ekaterina_Piter New Member

    This phrase meant a person, who treats his friends members of the family aggressively. Аs a rule, this behaviour expresses hidden fear of outside world.
  8. FairOaks Banned

    It's actually: Казвам ти, дъще; сещай се, снахо.

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