бытовое насилие vs домашнее насилие

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  1. Hello all!! I have a minor problem here. I am on the way to preparing myself to reading at another seminar dedicated to бытовое насилие, but while checking the materials forwarded by other participants, I feel like I am getting confused about terms an definitions.
    Is бытовое насилие really a synonym of домашнее насилие?

    I always to believe all the way through that бытовое насилие is not necessarily confined to household and family, it is rather violence related to everyday life activities, non-political , not organised violence, it may be school violence, violence among teenagers in their environment, violence at workplace. Am I wrong?
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    Hi Setwale,

    It seems that "бытовое насилие" is more a legal term, while "домашнее насилие" tends to be used colloquially, and regarded as a synonym of the former. Please, be sure to check this document (page 4):
    cavt.ru/ download/ publ_02.pdf
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    For me, both of these terms are interchangeable, and both of them are not under the legal term "правонарушения в сфере семейно-бытовых отношений" in 100 of 100 cases, because there are lots of situations related to home violence not covered by the Criminal Code or the Civil Code. I never consider the term "бытовое насилие" as something related to "school violence, violence among teenagers in their environment, violence at workplace." On the other side, another term, "бытовое преступление" including "насильственное преступление в быту", often is not confined to family relations.
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    yes, I think that it may be a difference. Домашнее насилие refers to family relations and бытовое насилие can be said about a crime in a communal appartment, for example.
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    "бытовое насилие" is a formal term, describing violence in family

    as to "домашнее насилие" it doesn't sound proper, except you use it in some ironical sense
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