во давай приваливай к нам'!

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by AlexandraI, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. AlexandraI New Member

    Hello, i'd really apprecitate if a Russian and English speaker could translate this to English for me 'во давай приваливай к нам'! Thanks in advance!
  2. gvozd Senior Member

    Hey, come on, come to us!
  3. lectrice Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    А если приваливай к нам = присоединяйся к нам - Join us!
  4. Lotto74 Member

    Ekaterinburg city - Russia
    Russian - Russia
    You see, this is not a correct Russian expression. You could say "эй, давай, вали / подваливай к нам", and this is considered to be a low colloquial expression.

    The English translation could be like "hey, dude, come here!"
  5. Colora

    Colora Senior Member

    USA, Denver, CO
    This is a classic example of jargon.
    'во давай приваливай к нам'! Yeah! Drag (bring, get) your butt over here. Normally, people would say, "Yeah! (Sure!) Come on over (here)!"

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