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  1. carandja New Member

    I came across this term and my dictionary translates it as "until", but trawling the internet I can find few examples, mainly relating to historical events. Can anyone offer me advice on its usage?
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    Please provide context as per the forum rules.
  3. carandja New Member

    Apologies - the exact phrase is
    "Москва оставалась столицей вплоть до 1713 года" which I translate as "Moscow remained the capital until 1713". However, I'm really looking for any contrasting examples.
  4. carandja New Member

    Thanks. Can it be used other than for past events? I'm thinking of something like "вплоть до погоды потеплеет"
  5. Maroseika Moderator

    Can you explain in English what do you want to say by this sentence? In Russian it doesn't have any sense.
    By the way, WR dictionary seems to contain exhaustive explanation of the preposition вплоть до.
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  6. carandja New Member

    Hi Maroseika,
    Thanks for your reply. It would be "Until the weather gets warmer". Perhaps part of a longer setence like "I won't plant flowers until the weather gets warmer."
  7. Maroseika Moderator

    Now it is more clear.
    As you can see from the dictionary, preposition вплоть до is used with a noun in Genitive, for example: вплоть до потепления/ However in this case вплоть до sounds clumsy, better to use пока не: пока не потеплеет.
    Вплоть до is mostly used when meaning exact moment or date, and of course far not only with histoprical events.
  8. carandja New Member

    Thanks - that makes it clear.

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