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  1. yakor Senior Member

    Подскажите, какие лучше использовать слова на английском для слова "выбор"

    1) Выбор сотового телефона - не легкая задача.
    2) Он стал перед проблемой выбора профессии.
    3) На витрине был богатый выбор костюмов.
    4) Этот стиль - выбор самого Петра. (This style is a choice of Peter himself.?)
  2. rusita preciosa

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    I would rephrase these to make them sound more natural (mostly using verbs), but if you absolutely need the noun "выбор", here are my suggestions:
    1) selection
    2) choice
    3) selection - this is the only one that would sound more natural with the noun rather than the verb
    4) choice
  3. yakor Senior Member

    So, 1) Selection of mobile phone (maybe "pick"?)
    2) the problem of choice of profession
    3) there were a rich selection of costumes
    4) his style is a choice of Peter.
    Could the noun "pick" be used here?
  4. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

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    Russian (Moscow)
    I like "pick" for these (except for suits), but it is more colloquial.

    P.S. выбор костюмов = seleaction of suits, costume is a false friend, it means something you wear as a dress-up (Haloween, carnaval etc...):)
  5. yakor Senior Member

    Thank you.
    I heard that "pick" is not used for things you can't grab.
    You can't grab style or profession, so you can't pick them. So they can't be picks. What do you think about it?
    also, how would you say these ones?
    1) Выбор нужного телефона -нелегкая задача.
    2) Этот портфель-выбор самого Георгия.
    3) Это- выбор нашего сотрудника.
  6. rusita preciosa

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    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    Yes you can. You pick your profession, your suit, your briefcase. As long as there are several to pick from, why not?

    Это- выбор нашего сотрудника - that would depend on what the colleague picked. If he picked cupcakes for an office party (vanilla vs. chocolate), it sounds OK. If you are talking about company strategy, that would sound weird (unless he was offered several specific strategies and picked one).
  7. yakor Senior Member

    Thank you. One question more. Is it necessary to use the article before "pick" and "choice" in
    Choice (pick) of a needed phone is not easy task. In this case "pick" and "choice" are the act of choosing, not the thing as in 2) and 3) examples. So, I'm not sure about using articles before them.
  8. yakor Senior Member

    But if there was no strategy at all. And he had to make up, to work out it himself. Could one say, "He pick out this strategy according the conditions"?
    Could you tell me if "choice" or "pick" is an act of choosing,is it necessary to put the article "a" or "the" before them?
    In which cases is the preposition "for" after the nouns "pick" and "choice" used?
  9. rusita preciosa

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    Russian (Moscow)
    I think unless there is a choice of 2-3-4... specific strategies (at least implied), there is nothing to pick from, so "pick" would not fit. In this case you say "He chose this strategy based on current market environment...".

    I'm not sure I understood your second question - could you provide an example?
  10. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    I just want to add that you can use "pick" with strategy, but there would have to be an understanding from the context that there is only a certain number of strategies to pick from. Let's say, from the context we know that there could be only two strategies to grow sales: a) by expanding the market and b) by capturing market share from competitors. "He picked the market growth strategy" sunds OK, because it is implied that he picked one of two possible ones.
  11. yakor Senior Member

    Привет, русита!;-) Я имею ввиду слово "подобрать". "Он подобрал правильную стратегию" Можно конечно сказать."Он выбрал правильную стратегию" Суть та же самая. Можно ли использовать pick (pick out) тут? Он подбирал мелодии на слух. Какой глагол используется в этом случае?
    Что до второго вопроса, то какая разница между "pick for" and "pick of"; между "choice for" and "choice of"? И нужно ли использовать артикли, если choice and pick не предметы выбора, а действия? (Выбор нового телефона - нелегкая задача)
  12. rusita preciosa

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    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    I honestly do not see a difference between "Он подобрал правильную стратегию" and "Он выбрал правильную стратегию" (other than подобрал sounds a bit more colloquial to me). So in either case I would say "He chose the right stragety".

    I can't think of many contexsts where you would use "pick for". Pls provide an example (full sentence) of how you wanted to use that.

    For "Выбор нового телефона - нелегкая задача" you would not use pick/choice. You would say "Picking/chosing a new phone is not an easy task".
  13. yakor Senior Member

    Ok! Thanks! One applies "a pick" and "a choice" only when they mean some subject, the object of chosing/picking, not the act of picking/choosing?
    The dictionary says that "The act of selecting or choosing; choice: got first pick of the desserts" There is no article here. Though I can't get the "He got first pick of the dessert". Why not to say,"first picking the deserts"?
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  14. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    I can't really think of a general rule on chosing/picking vs. choice/pick - I just go by context and the usage I observe in everyday speech/writing.

    Let's wait for more knowlegeable foreros.

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