вы побываете на нескольних экскурсиях

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    From a passage.

    On a steamship (теплоход), a tour guide is explaining the tour along Volga.

    "Во время нашей поездки вы побываете на нескольких экскурсиях, посетите некоторые из этих городов, и увидите их своими глазами."

    What does побываете mean here? I checked побывать in my dictionary but am not able to smoothly understand this sentence.
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    Can you specify what your difficulty is, i.e. what the dictionary said and why you cannot fit that in the sentence.
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    The Oxford Russian Dictionary said on побыва́ть (pf.):

    1. (посетить) to have been, have visited;
    в про́шлом году́ мы ~ли в Норве́гии и Шве́ции last year we were in Norway and Sweden.

    2. (зайти) to drop in, call in;
    он ~л у друзе́й he dropped in to see some friends.

    My Russian-Chinese dictionary said that it means:

    1. to go to (some places), visit (some places);
    to live or stay (for a certain time).

    2. (coll.) to drop in (at someone's place).

    But what does it mean when it comes to an activity like экскурсия? And would you give me a translation for the first part of sentence?

    And there are certain verbs from быть:
    побыть (pf.),
    побывать (pf.)
    How to distinguish?

    I am also trying to understand what the nature of action is if побывать is in perfective.
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  4. Maroseika Moderator

    Побывать на экскурсии = посетить экскурсию (sounds strange, of course) = принять участие в экскурсии.
    Just the same like побывать в музее (сходить в музей), побывать в кино (сходить в кино), побывать в Китае, etc.

    I suspect побывать на экскурсии was primarily a bureaucratic expression, but nowadays it sounds more or less normal, although not quite a live speech, still a bit formal.

    Побыть - to remain somewhere during some time: После армии он [около месяца] побыл дома, а потом уехал на стройку на Север.
    Побывать - to visit some place: После армии он побывал дома, а потом уехал на стройку на Север.
    In the first example we can add some period of time or may omit it, assuming an indefinite time of being home, but in the second case we cannot add any period of time, just mean the fact he has visited his home.
  5. wonlon Senior Member

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    I searched another dictionary and find a meaning which corresponds to what you mean:

    Участвовать в чём-л. некоторое время. >>to participate in something for some time.
    П. на практике в школе.
    П. на войне.

    So I think вы побываете на нескольких экскурсиях can better be rendered "you will participate some local tours".
  6. Sobakus Senior Member

    I don't see why you would try to render some deep semantic meanings of the word побывать in the English translation. It is the usual way of saying this in Russian, so instead you should find the usual way of saying it in English. For example, you can say "The trip includes several sightseeing tours as well as visiting some of the cities and <the last part makes no sense>".
  7. wonlon Senior Member

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    I see your point, but I just attempted to make a sentence to help me understand the use of побывать, so the sentence would be more like literal translation. And of course if I am doing real translation, I will think of the usual way of saying that in English.:)
  8. Sobakus Senior Member

    Well, the translation you found in the dictionary doesn't help you in understanding the use very well, it provides a usual English translation which doesn't work in your case. Побывать doesn't imply participation at all, it's simply an iterative form (so to say) of the verb быть:

    Я был на экскурсии -> Я побывал на экскурсии -> Вы побываете на экскурсии.
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