вы порете!

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  1. CitizenEmpty Senior Member

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    Hello. This is my first time posting this. I am an average person who is intensively learning Russian. I would like to request the meaning of "вы порете!". If it is possible I would like to request the original infinitive of "порете". Thank you for the help. Спасибо за помочь.
  2. Ukrainito Senior Member

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    Hey. Welcome aboard.

    The infinitive is порóть (1) to whip, especially as a form of punishment. (2) to cut (with scissors, a knife) two pieces of fabric previously sewn together

    There is also a popular expression "пороть горячку" meaning "to talk nonsense, to drivel"
  3. SamSim-18 Member

    CitizenEmpty, we need context.
  4. CitizenEmpty Senior Member

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    Forgive me. It's about a three people fighting over a seat in a metro train. One suggested yielding the seat.
  5. gvozd Senior Member

    To be honest, it seems to be a very weird example of usage of the verb порете.
  6. Maroseika Moderator

    It might be a shorten form of вы порете чушь (talk nonsense), but I really can hardly imagine it in the described situation. Is it a written text or just a talk you heard somewhere?
  7. Maroseika Moderator

    I'm afraid пороть горячку has nothing to do with talking nonsense, I think you meant пороть чушь?
  8. CitizenEmpty Senior Member

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    As I was googling around for several minutes with the word "порете", I just bumped into a whole text of a movie or a drama called Operation (or Task?) Y. That's how the title was written. I don't know the exact context of the movie because I only read the first part of the text. What would the "Что вы ерунду порете?" mean? And I googled this specific phrase and it gave me tons of Google results. I think this phrase is a better example of using the phrase "порете". As I am merely a humble learner, I will go for a better example of phrases. Maybe I misheard in the metro example.
  9. CitizenEmpty Senior Member

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    I heard it from somewhere and I think this "вы порете чушь" explanation describes much better about the context of my source (a deleted YouTube clip from my Russian buddy). "порите" doesn't look like a verb and I had to assume that it was "порете". I was very frustrated that I couldn't find it in the dictionary. Thank you very much and please forgive my vagueness.
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    Could it be прёте (spelled as прете)? That would make more sense talking about an altercation in public transport.

    In this case the infinitive is переть (slang for "to charge/push forward").
  11. SamSim-18 Member

    Похоже вот контекст:

    - Садись, дочка.- Ничего, ничего, спасибо, сидите.- Гражданин, уступите место, встаньте!- Если я встану, ты у меня ляжешь. Гражданин, эти места специально для детей и инвалидов.- А она что, дети или инвалиды?- Она готовится стать матерью.- А я готовлюсь стать отцом!- Да что Вы ерунду порете!
  12. SamSim-18 Member

    пороть чушь, пороть ерунду, нести чушь, нести ерунду = to talk nonsense as Maroseika said above.
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  13. CitizenEmpty Senior Member

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    So the meaning of "порете" in this text means something like "driveling with nonsense".

    Maybe I should learn how to listen more attentively in Russian. :(
  14. Maroseika Moderator

    No, the sense of порете is different. Пороть чушь is an integral stable saying and means what you wrote only together.

    Порите is Plural Imperative of пороть (such as Не порите чушь, гражданин!).
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  15. Syline Senior Member

    You wanted to say Plural Imperative?
  16. Maroseika Moderator

    May bad... Corrected, thanks.

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