в oppure на seguito da un sostantivo

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    Ciao :D Vorrei sapere quando si usa в al posto di на e viceversa con un sostantivo all'accusativo/prepositivo. Si sceglie в oppure на a seconda del sostantivo che segue?
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    I think you don't mean such evident cases like в стол / на стол, but rather why в школу, but на завод? Well, speaking very generally, в is used when we primarily presume something concrete, like a building or an event (в школу, в кино, в бар, в поездку), and на - when we mean something more abstract like an institution or something without exact limits or borders (на завод, на фабрику, на дачу, на войну). However there are so many exceptions from this very approximate rule, that it is completely useless. Just remember the due combination like you do with English prepositions.
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    Italiano - Italia
    Thank you!! :D

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