горе луковое

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  1. moonlight7 Senior Member

    What would be an adequate word or phrase to translate "горе луковое" into English?
    It´s about a girl who makes everything wrong, drops things, etc.
    Here is some context:
    Говорят ей отец да мать: сядь за печь — да не позорь нас перед гостем дорогим, “Горе луковое”!
    — Как тебя звать-величать?
    — Алёною, — дéвица отвечает, — только все меня “Горем луковым” зовут, имя настоящее не вспоминают даже.
    Да только разве может он меня когда-нибудь полюбить? Зачем ему “Горе луковое”, когда вокруг красавиц столько?

    Could I use "blunderer"? Or this one will be too strong?
    May be "Doble Trouble" or "Butterfingers"?
  2. igusarov

    igusarov Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    "Poor Thing"?
  3. moonlight7 Senior Member

    For me, it does´t sound right to say "thing" about a girl...
  4. gvozd Senior Member

  5. Maroseika Moderator

    Shlemozzle, schlemiel?
  6. turkjey5 Senior Member

    English - USA
    In looking at the story, it seems горе луковое is not a nice term, as the father says, "don't put us to shame in front of the guests горе луковое!", which reduces the girl to tears (Дéвица лицо утёрла I assume means tears). So, I would go with the term "dumb clutz". "Blunderer" and "Double trouble" don't apply to dropping things etc. "Butterfingers" is a gentle term.

    Don't put us to shame in front of the guests you dumb clutz!

    Алёною, — дéвица отвечает, ...but everyone calls me dumb clutz.
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  7. Sobakus Senior Member

    The Russian expression is exactly gentle and not at all rude or humiliating. It's just that a typical Russian girl is often portrayed as over-sensitive and crying for any and every reason.
  8. igusarov

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    Moscow, Russia
    Well, "горе луковое" is not flattering, of course, but it's not rude either.
    Calling her "горе луковое" means that she causes a lot of problems to her parents. That her actions makes them feel sorrow for her. She is what you may call a mishap to them. But not rude. "Горюшко ты моё луковое" shows considerable degree of love.
  9. turkjey5 Senior Member

    English - USA
    then I think clutz would work, forget the "dumb".
  10. Zerrega Member

    I don't think clutz would work.
    IMHO unfortunate or desperate creature is better
  11. moonlight7 Senior Member

    Thanks, everyone, for your answers!

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