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    There is no noun derived from this verb... It's an old word and rather low style one too, so we don't use it a lot in speech.


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    Не сладких нег, не благонравности пороков,
    И долго будете в гробу своём страдать,
    За то, что внемлели не истиной природе,
    А безобразному горланию калек.

    This was actualy from the "Литературная газета"!
    I think there is not a real noun, but the example just goes to show that if you really really want to have one, you can.:p You just need ...err...poetic license.;)


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    What would be the noun derived from this verb? горланство? горлание? горланивание?

    Would you like to describe a process or a phenomenon? I could imagine a phrase such as "беспрестанное горлание пьяных песен" or something of the kind. Even then it wouldn't be a full-time word :) , but rather a spontaneous coinage. Горлопанство or горлодёрство would denote the corresponding "phenomenon" but you are probably not interested in those as they are not directly derived from горланить.

    EDIT: we seem to agree on most matters, don't we, Papillon? :D