до хуя, до фига, до хера, etc.

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    Good evening! :)

    I found that the following expressions are synonyms: до хуя, до хрена, до фига, до хера, до шиша. All of them are ranked as vulgar. Could you please rank them from the most vulgar to the softest? And also, are all of them common? Perhaps some of them are commoner in some contexts, but unfortunately I don't have any example at hand and I don't know how exactly Russians use them.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Никогда прежде не видел "до шиша", зато знаю остальные:

    Насколько я знаю,
    до фига - самый мягкий вариант;
    до хрена - средний, не очень грубый;
    :warn: до хуя - самый грубый
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Just note that the most rude one is not just rude, but presumes speaking special vulgar language peculiar to uneducated class, so if you are not ready to speak this language completely, even do not think of using its separate expressions or words, it always will look quite silly and extremely indecent.

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