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    "...я с трудом могу поверить, что женчина может зайти так далеко, чтобы заполучить мужчину".

    The meaning is quite obvious, my question is rather this - since this verb doesn't appear in the dictionary, I thought maybe it's simply a part of a grammatical rule which seperates the verb into за and получить, because in english it's simply means "get", a meaning that can be obtained by the same verb without the prefix, so what special meaning does this verb have?

    Thank you.
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    Также, я хочу знать, причём тут глагол "зайти", а не, скажем, "идти"/"пойти"?
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Заполучить is colloquial and expressive variant of the verb получить and you can find it in any good dictionary.
    Therefore it is not just 'to get' but rather 'to pick up", 'to grab'.

    The sense of prefix за- here is 'to get something' like in завовевать, захватить, заработать, заслужить. Since the verb without the prefix asloc means "getting", expressive or intensifying effect appears. Other examples (also colloquial): заграбастать, заиметь.

    Пойти instead of зайти is also possible here, but is less expressive (as refers only to the beginning of the action) and a bit bookish.
    Идти is impossible, because the verb should refer to the same time as заполучить. Заполучить and зайти refer to the result, идти - to the process. By the way, зайти далеко is the stable saying.
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    Заполучить means "to acquire by effort" as opposed to simply "getting". I don't think it can mean "to pick up" or "to grab", that would be схватить or поднять.

    Зайти primarily means "to walk over smth, to cross the limit, to go beyond", which makes it an obvious choice when compared to пойти.
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    Спасибо за исправление и пояснение, Маросейка! :)

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