за ним всякое водилось


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Can you help me with this expression?

One character asks about the behavour of a person, and the other answers:
за ним всякое водилось

Thank you!

  • papillon

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    Very good expression. It means something like:
    he's been known to do all kinds of <different> things, and it is often used in a negative tone, as in describing someone with a long history of questionnable behaviour, or even a long criminal record. That, I would say, is the main usage.

    On the other hand, it could be used among friends, as in
    Ты не знаешь, он когда-нубудь прыгал с парашютом?
    Не исключено, за ним и не такое водилось...
    I wouldn't be surprised, he's been known to do even stranger things (my rough translation).
    On the other hand:
    Как ты думаешь, он курит марихуану?
    Сомневаюсь, во всяком случае в армии за ним такого не водилось.
    ...at least in the army he wasn't known to..


    spanish, Spain
    I understand now, thanks to your good explanation and your examples, it won't be hard to find the Spanish translation now. Have a goog weekend!