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    I get somehow confused about из and от, can someone help me understand what's the difference and tell me how each of them are used?
    I know they both mean of, from, or out of something...
  2. Q-cumber

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    No way to explain unless you provide some context. Both prepositions have too many meanings.

    из - often means "out of something" (из комнаты <room>, из страны <country>, из коробки <box>).. от - doesn't have this meaning. It rather means from some point.
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  3. Anatoli Senior Member

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    Here are some:

    из Москвы - from Moscow (arrive)
    из ящика - out of the/a box
    один из его друзей - one of his friends
    единственный из многих - e pluribus unum
    из ненависти - through hatred

    от Москвы до Санкт-Петербурга - from Moscow to Saint Petersburg (takes ... hours)
    отойти от стола - walk away from the table
    получить от друга - receive from a friend
  4. JONO. Senior Member

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    Oh right! I think I got that now из is like out of something/somewhere, and от is like for instance taking something from someone or going 'from' here to there.

    I'm aware that both prepositions are used in various contexts to mean different things, but I just wanna grasp the general concept of these words. But I think I have some idea about their differences now, yea,
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  5. Q-cumber

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    Один из двух - one of two
    Кирпич из глины - a brick (made) of clay
    Стрелять из винтовки -to shoot a rifle
    Ключ от замка - a key for the lock
    ...ребёнок от него.. - child (born) from him
    Пробка от бутыки - a bottle cork
    как пробка из бутылки (idiom) - "like a cork from a bottle" (very quickly, a bottle of champagne is implied)
    "Свет из окна" - light coming from a window (usually seen from outside the building), whereas "свет от окна | лампы" specifies the source of the light.

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  6. JONO. Senior Member

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    Ah ok thanks. I think I've gotten the idea though for how these prepositions are used just couldn't explain it better.
    But anyway that really helped thanks. :)
  7. Forero Senior Member

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    Would it be correct to say "Колыбельная Жар-птицы и финал от «Жар-птица» Игоря Стравинского", or should it be "из «Жар-птица»"? Should «Жар-птица» be in genitive?
  8. Maroseika Moderator

    It should be in Genitive, but preposition от is wrong here. It should be финал (колыбельная) из "Жар-птицы". It's also possible to say финал "Жар-птицы" if you use the word not as exact musical term..
  9. Forero Senior Member

    Houston, Texas, USA
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