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    What is the meaning of this word or abbreviation, ики ? I am guessing it is an organization's abbreviations but not sure of the meaning.

    Context: A question was asked and this was the response.

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    Provided you're sure that it is the abbreviation of an organization name, it could be the Institute for Space Research, http://www.iki.rssi.ru/eng/
    Not quite serious: Or it could be a childish way to say "hiccups" (you know, one of them funny words small children invent all the time).
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  3. Feniks New Member

    I am thinking it was actually a keyboard format switch, brb, was meant to be typed! >.<
  4. inerrant Member


    информационно-коммуникационная инфраструктура
    интракавернозная инъекция
    известково-кремнезёмистое изделие
    Институт компьютерных исследований
    Институт клинической иммунологии СО РАМН
    Институт космических исследований Российской академии наук
    интенсивность космического излучения
    инфракрасное излучение
    институт культуры и искусств
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    English - the Queen's
    This isn't good context, Feniks. Was the question "asked" in writing, or in speech? What was the question? Was this one "word" the whole of the response? Was there any punctuation after the word, such as a question mark?

    For what it's worth, here's my shot in the dark:
    The word is given in small letters - ики, not Ики. Although (I think I'm right in saying) к is not next to л on the standard Russian Windows keyboard, if the "word" was written by someone using an online Russian keyboard like this one at typeit.org, then к is next to л, and it could be a typo for или, possibly meaning или? (if the question mark is there).

    What leads you to guess that it is the abbreviation for the name of an organization?
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