какие самые лучшие команды в мире

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    Мальчики росли и научились играть в футбол. Я тоже стал играть в футбол и нинтересоваться футбольными командами. И теперь я знаю, какие самые лучшие команды в мире.

    1. I have problem mainly on "И теперь я знаю, какие самые лучшие команды в мире."
    As I know самый хороший and лучший = the best. What is самые лучшие? "the most best"??
    And I can't understand this sentence as a whole, too (I now know what ....????).

    2. нинтересоваться футбольными командами.
    It seems to me natural if it is нинтересоваться футболом/шахматами (interested in football, chess or certain hobbies), but what if "get interested in a football team"? What should this phrase mean?
  2. Ёж! Senior Member

    'The very best'. 'And now I know what football teams are the best', literally, 'what the very best teams [exist]'. «Самый» can sometimes mean 'very' in the sense of 'true', for example: «он самый» ('he himself').

    Generally, «интересоваться» means 'to want to know', with different nuances and usages. Here it means he likes to learn anything of any football teams: he is interested to learn what style of play they choose, who plays for them, how strong the teams are, etc. All kinds of knowledge.
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    From a logical point of view, 'лучший' is a non-gradable adjective, so 'самый' is redundant here. However, some argue that 'самый лучший' is fine. Check it out: http://www.gramota.ru/spravka/buro/29_228626
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    Thanks a lot. I have understood much more clearly.
    But for me, the invisible быть means "be" as in Я был студентом., which feels more natural than '[exist]'.:)
  5. Ёж! Senior Member

    Well, you can see it either way, it does not make difference really. My only concern is that, considering the phrase as 'copulation' (like «Они студенты»), we have to conclude that the adjective («какие») is what is 'copulated' (like «они»), while the nominal phrase («самые лучшие команды») is what 'copulates' them (like «студенты»), and it is not very usual for an adjective to be described instead of describing something. So, I prefer to think that «какие самые лучшие футбольные команды» is just a whole phrase. But it is really all the same.

    If the word order was different, the matter would, instead, be very obvious: «… [какие футбольные команды] are [самые лучшие]». But since the word order is as it is, this interpretation does not look immediate, the phrase rather looks like «вкусные пирожные».
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