колбаса́ сырокопчёная богоро́дская

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  1. seitt Senior Member


    I have recently purchased some колбаса́ сырокопчёная богоро́дская here in İzmir.

    Please could you explain to me what exactly this means? Have I put the stresses etc. in the right place?

    Best wishes, and many thanks,

  2. willem81 Senior Member

    Yes, the stressed are correct. It means: Fresh smoked sausage from Bogorodsk.

    Excerpt from the wikipedia article:
    Fresh smoked sausages are fresh sausages that are smoked and cured. They do not normally require refrigeration and do not require any further cooking before eating. Examples include Mettwurst and Teewurst which are meat preparations packed in sausage casing but squeezed out of it (just like any other spread from a tube).
  3. igusarov

    igusarov Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    I would like to add that this "from Bogorodsk" part should not be taken too seriously. At best it could actually mean that the sausage is produced in Bogorodsk according to the original local recipe. Most likely it means that the sausage is made somewhere, but still follows the local Bogorodsk recipe. At worst it could mean that the product manager simply liked the name. The name of the product doesn't always stick to the place of production...
  4. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks to you both for two excellent, complementary answers.

    Re сырой, interestingly, the Oxford Russian Dictionary doesn't give ‘fresh’ as a meaning.

    Here’s what it gives:
    сырой = damp; raw, uncooked; green, unripe; raw, unfinished; (coll.) fat, podgy
    Which of these meanings is used in сырокопчёный, or is it a completely unique use of the word? Perhaps it is the English use of the word ‘fresh’ that is unusual here.
  5. willem81 Senior Member

    Yes, according to the wikipedia article about sausage, the English classification of sausages includes "fresh smoked sausage", whereas the German one has "raw sausage" instead. Logically the adjective "fresh" is suitable here, because one expects raw meat to be "fresh" at the same time.
  6. Maroseika Moderator

    It is "uncooked": smoking of uncooked sausage, to distinguish it from варено-копченая колбаса - cooked smoked sausage (sausage first boiled, then smoked).
  7. seitt Senior Member

    Thank you so much, all is clear now.

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