"комарый" или "комарный"

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  1. thedriver51 Member

    Hello all ! i think it can be a crazy question but i want to know the adjective of " комар" i couldn't find it which means it has no meaning but if i said "комарый" или "комарный" no one will understand me ? ok so can some one suggest an adjective which is near to the sound that mosquito does "zzzzzzzzzz" to describe a person for example if i want to say my mosquito friend because she told me before that she is a mosquito for joking of course. hope anyone can understand what i want :D
  2. morbo Senior Member

    You need the adjective "комариный"; the sound they emit is called "комариный писк". Not sure, though, how it can be used to describe a person - I mean it's not used as an attributive or predicative adjective to characterize a person. You can say "Ты странный", but you definitely can't say "Ты комариный".
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  3. morbo Senior Member

    "Мой комариный друг" sounds very strange: diminutive rathen than having anything to do with the sound of a mosquito. "Мой пищащий по-комариному друг" is also bizarre. I think my futher attempts will be even worse.
  4. Avanpost Member

    OMG! There must be something like 'Моя комариная подруга', which really sounds ridiculously :D

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