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  1. marcio3000 Senior Member

    И есть у нас орден княгини Олги, которым награждают только женщин.

    Why которым in dative case and then женщин in genitive? If награждают requires dative why not all in dative?

  2. Sobakus Senior Member

    Которым is in Instrumental, женщин is in Accusative. And even if one object was in Dative, that wouldn't mean the second one should be as well.

    ps.: it's Ольга
  3. marcio3000 Senior Member

    so которым refers to people who give the award of the women who receive it?
  4. Sobakus Senior Member

    No, который always refers either to the subject or the object of the previous sentence, whichever is the last one, and the subject is орден. Орденом награждают женщин = They award women with an order.

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