написан куда ? где?

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    как по русски "it isn't written anywhere"? Это не написан нигде? Context: I want to say that I remember a list of words that haven't been written anywhere, that I only have them in my mind.

  2. Sobakus Senior Member

    You picked the right one, куда/туда denotes direction, for example you can писать в деревню своей бабушке. Mind the gender of это, however. I also suspect the right pronoun is он, since you're talking about a list.

    p.s.: on the other hand, записывать (to write down) can be used with either куда or где with nearly no difference in meaning.
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  3. dePrades Senior Member

    Catalan and Spanish - Catalonia
    Lovely Russian misteries... they are the spice of life ;)

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