неудачный - неудачливый

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    What's the difference between these two words? Is the firts only used with unanimated objects and the second with animated with people? If we can use both with people what is the nuisance in the meaning? In WR is translated as unsuccesful and удачливый as succesful... that's why I thought they could be synonims but my teacher corrected me this sentence changing неудачный to неудачливый.

    Лера - неудачная девушка.

    As usual, thanks for your help :)
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    Лера - неудачная девушка для тебя, у тебя с ней ничего не получится.
    Лера - неудачливая девушка, ей вечно не везет.

    In other words, objects are неудачные (unsuccessfull), subjects are неудачливые (unlucky).
    In the first example the girl is considered as an object, she is "unsuccessfull" for another person; in the second example she is "unsuccessfull" for herself, i.e. just unlucky.
    Of course, the same is with удачливый/удачный.
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    неудачный - badly built, unfortunate, a mistake (usually said about a thing or an event)
    неудачливый - the one who has bad luck (usually said about a preson)

    Лера - неудачная девушка sounds very funny to me: it implies that she is some failed experiment (e.g. someone built her and she doesn't work properly)
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    Thnx for your answers... I knew something was wrong (because the teacher corrected my mistake) but I couldn't grasp the difference between both words from the dictionaries translations... Now, it's clear :)

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