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  1. Привет!

    Подскажите, есть ли точный английский аналог русского выражения "носить имя". Контекст: "Этот узел носит имя своего изобретателя, графа Виндзора".
    Можно написать "was named after", но тогда русский аналог будет "был назван в честь". Я нашла выражение "bears the name of", но неуверена в его значении. Может быть, можно так и сказать - "wears the name"?
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    The customary expression would be "was named after" but if you're looking for a more literal translation "bears the name of" works. "Bears the name of" means to carry or have the name of; essentially, "to have the same name as": That knot bears the name of it's inventor, the Duke of Windsor. "Wears the name" is not possible.
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    It was named after is fine. You don't have to keep the tenses when translating, as long as the sentence or phrase express the meaning they are supposed to convey.
  4. Thank you, turkjey5, I'll use the expression "to bear the name". LilianaB, I know this variant is fine, but I've already used it in my text several times and I was looking for a synonym. And it was also my linguistic curiosity that made me ask this question :)
  5. morbo Senior Member

    Первое, что пришло в голову:

    "This knot is eponymous with its creator, the Duke of Windsor."
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    That's pretty highfalutin talk.:)
  7. morbo Senior Member

    Well, I guess he was a pretty pompous guy himself, that Duke...

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