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около; вблизу - near (place)

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by eni8ma, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. eni8ma

    eni8ma Senior Member

    English - Australia
    I realise that о́коло has a few different uses. I am interested in the meaning "near" in the sense of being near a certain place.

    There are a few prepositions that mean "near", each with different shades of meaning. Listing them from the farthest to the closest (so far as I can tell):

    под acc: in the environs of — Он живёт под Москвой
    о́коло gen: in the general vicinity of (?) — Они́ живу́т о́коло институ́та
    вблизи́ от gen: not far from — Дом находи́лся вблизи́ от мо́ря
    во́зле gen: very close — Они́ живу́т во́зле нас — Наш дом во́зле са́мой реки́
    у gen: close by; at — Мы жи́ли на да́че у реки́ — Учи́тель стоя́л у доски́

    As prepositions, are вблизи́ and о́коло synonymous? or is it that о́коло has the sense of "in the general vicinity of" while вблизи́ has more a sense of "not far from"?
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  2. morzh

    morzh Banned

    Вблизи, около, рядом, возле - mean more or less the same.
    For the most part they are interchangeable.

    But there are some stable expressions where one or another may be preferred.

    Like this:

    Встань около меня/ рядом со мной / возле меня - exactly the same.
    But "вблизи" will no look right here.
    It means near, but with some space in between.

    However the others may be used where "вблизи" is used:

    Вблизи дома /поблизостои от дома / близ дома / рядом с домом / возле дома / около дома росло дерево.

    Неподалёку (not far from) is also used, and in some situations also may be a good replacement.
  3. eni8ma

    eni8ma Senior Member

    English - Australia
    Thanks - so вблизи has the sense "a short distance from"?

    BTW, when do I need to use "вблизи от" rather than вблизи?
  4. morzh

    morzh Banned

    Well, "вблизи" is both a prep and an adverb.

    I think (I may be mistaken in my analysis) that :

    1. when it is a prep, then it is "вблизи чего-то".
    Вблизи деревни текла речка.
    2. When it is an adverb, it is "вблизи от".
    Вблизи от деревни находится свиноферма.

    The interesting part is, the meaning remains the same, and so it is (mostly - I would have to ponder it for awhile to find an exception) up to you how to say it, and it can be said in either fashion.
  5. eni8ma

    eni8ma Senior Member

    English - Australia
    Well - that makes it easier :)
    I have noticed that prepositions and adverbs can be tricky to distinguish, especially when the same word can be used either way.
  6. Rosett

    Rosett Senior Member

    "Вблизи" может употребляться самостоятельно.
    Вблизи ничего не было видно.

    "вблизи от" всегда требует указания - от чего именно.

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