песня в том порука


From the song «Три танкиста»

Там живут — и песня в том порука —
Нерушимой, крепкой семьёй

There they live - and the song in that guarantee —
Inviolable, like a well-knit family

and also:

И добили — песня в том порука —
Всех врагов в атаке огневой

And they finished off — the song in that guarantee —
All the enemies in a fiery attack.

What does «песня в том порука» in this context?
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    What does «песня в том порука» in this context?
    It's connected with the verb "поручаться", i.e. to assure with responsibility, giving the pledge to lose something in case the assured thing turns to be false. Here the thing to lose is the song, or more exactly, the good impression that the song makes on the listener (which is present in Russian, maybe because of how the syllables sound); the author assures in the name of the good impression that the song makes on the listener that all it tells about the imaginary characters is truth; he says, 'if you don't believe it, then you'll have to think that the song makes bad impression on you', which is a kind of threat for those who would like to avoid to think that it does. In a way, this is a case of meta-commentary: the song criticises its own properties: here the property that its good impression and truthfulness of its imaginary events are interconnected things.

    Of course, the question arises, what is meant by truthfulness of imaginary events… This question is not at all limited to this song, reference to such truthfulness of imaginary events was also constantly made in, let's give an example, "The Master and Margarita"… I think it refers to whether the results of thinking of these events are deemed to be worth considered, and worth applied to anything in real life.
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    "X в том порукой" means that the statement is backed up by the thing or reason X. In other words, "X certifies the matters".

    Here's an excerpt from Pushkin's "Evgeny Onegin":

    Но я не создан для блаженства;
    Ему чужда душа моя;
    Напрасны ваши совершенства:
    Их вовсе недостоин я.
    Поверьте (совесть в том порукой),
    Супружество нам будет мукой.
    But I was simply not intended
    for happiness -- that alien role.
    Should your perfections be expended
    in vain on my unworthy soul?
    Believe (as conscience is my warrant),
    wedlock for us would be abhorrent.
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