петь под фанеру


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In Russian slang we say "он поёт под фанеру" when anybody is singing a song by phonogramm, and "он поёт вживую" if singer doing it really / truly. How to say it in English briefly?
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    Oн поёт вживую - he's singing live (лайв)
    он поёт под фанеру - he's miming (майм), he's lip-synching (синк). To mime is more common in British English, though lip-synch is used too. In American English, only lip sync(h) is used.

    There's a useful discussion about it here.
    British papers use both terms as here (Source: Daily Telegraph) and here (Source: Guardian).
    US papers only use lip-sync(h) as here (Source: Time) and here (Source: Washington Post).
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