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From Solzhenitsyn:
Галич был чутко движим общим интеллигентским поворотом и подпором
Is подпор different in meaning from подпора? подпора should mean "prop, support", and Multitran shows these meaning for подпор also, but also gives "back pressure".
I think it could mean: Galich was sensitively responsive to the general intellectual turn and built-up pressure (or head of steam)?
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    I agree with Awwal12, it is hard to tell what "подпор" means in this sentence — but if I had to interpret it, I'd say that Galich not only shared the general sentiment among the intelligentsia (общий интеллигентский поворот), but was also felt pressure (подпор) from that social layer, which pushed him in a certain direction in his creative work.


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    and built-up pressure (or head of steam)?
    «Подпор» stands for «поддержка», contextually.

    Syn: поддержка

    Cf (переносное значение 2):
    ж. разг.
    1. Подставка, брус, которым подпирают что-либо; подпорка.
    2. перен. То, что поддерживает в беде, несчастье; опора.
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