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  • flance_j

    Sorry, but I can't see the difference in this case (just in this case!).

    Полюби эту красоту = Люби эту красоту.

    If you want to use "Begin to love", you can do it :)

    But generally полюбить = begin to love, you're right.

    Enquiring Mind

    Senior Member
    English - the Queen's
    Hi moonlight7, it's always difficult to offer any kind of nuanced idiomatic translation when there's no context. What exactly is the красота in the photo - some kind of natural landscape, a work of art, something else?
    A bare imperative in Russian can often sound quite stark if translated by a bare imperative in English. Maybe in your context (if we knew what it was ;)), something like "beauty to fall in love with" or "beauty to capture your heart" might be suitable. Obviously, there is no imperative in this English version, but the sense is: "here's something beautiful, now go and fall in love with it!", in other words "полюби эту красоту!".
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