по + accusative (по четырнадцать часов)

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- Хороша бы она была, если бы я торчал на работе по четырнадцать часов и три раза в месяц ездил в командировки.

What does "по + accusative" mean here?

"(ten/twelve to) fourteen hours, tops"?

or "for fourteen hours each day"?
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    Prof (Terence) Wade ('A Comprehensive Russian Grammar') agrees with Vovan! ;) He describes this по + acc usage as a "distributive" sense, i.e. not modifying the meaning of the quantified number of days, and there are many examples of it on Google:
    §448 по + dative/accusative in distributive meaning (...)
    Note The accusative, formerly confined mainly to colloquial styles, is now freely used in written styles also: (...)
    Рабoтают по семь часoв в день. They work seven hours a day.
    Here's another (- a skit, of course, on the well-known song):
    Бывали дни веселые
    я по три дня не ел.
    Не то что было нечего,
    а просто не хотел! (anekdot.ru)
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