привет мой гость. как твои дела?

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by Booboo1, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Booboo1 New Member

    My native language is english but I am involved with a russian person. I use online translation tools to help understand phrases as a way to self teach. I don't understand how to contextually translate the phrase I wish to understand:

    привет мой гость. как твои дела?

    according to online tools this says "hi my guest how are you?" What does this mean in english as the "my guest" part does not make sense to me.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!!
  2. wdata

    wdata Member

    To be honest neither it does for me in Russian. I would assume мой гость here means a kind of "visitor", but it would suppose your counterparty is a machine (i.e. a bot)
  3. rusita preciosa

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    Can you provide context and source (read the forum rules for detail)? That sentence does not make much sense as a stand-alone fragment, but it can work in some contexts.

    Overall note: Russian and English are very different in terms of grammar and syntax, so trying to self-teach Russian with online translators is a waste of time. There are many resources incl. online that are much more useful. I suggest starting with grammar (noun system, verb tenses etc..)
  4. Booboo1 New Member

    The context is that this phrase was used in an online chat exchange so very informal. The two people chatting were involved romantically at one point but are now friends. So I wasn't sure what term of endearment "my guest" translated into. Does this help?

    thank you very much for the additional information for learning!

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