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    Еще раз здравствуйте, по одному отрывку.

    Я не уверенна, что я правильно перевожу "пробивать" здесъ. Спасибо заранее за любую помощь!

    This guy who is talking has mailed a package to a company but they cannot find it. It was sent through Russian Post with a tracking number.

    He is describing his phone conversation with the guy at the company who can't find the package, (from context I guess he means on the website): "Он говорит, "я не могу пробить ее. Зайдите еще раз на почту." На почту зашел, пробивать все нормально."

    "He said, "I can't find it. Go to the post office again." I went, and found it, no problem." (We find out later in the conversation that the package is, in fact, at its destination city post office, but has not yet been delivered.).

    Спасибо большое!
  2. "пробивать" is a slang expression meaning "to find out something".
    In this context it means "to find out the location of the package (using the website)".
    By the way, "пробивать все нормально" is incorrect here, maybe you meant "пробил все нормально"?
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  3. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    Maybe it should be: На почту зашел пробивать, все нормально."
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    Small correction to FreedomOfFire's post. "Пробивать" is used only if you look for something in the computer database. It's not applicable let's say for the search in the telephone book or in the catalogue
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    Thank you so much! That makes all the difference!
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    Пробивать would mean 'find', 'look up' rather than 'find out'.
    "На почту зашёл пробивать" doesn't really sound natural, perhaps it was "на почту зашёл пробить - всё нормально" or, rather, "на почту зашёл - пробилось всё нормально".

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