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I have a short question for today: is there any difference between the terms "прописные буквы" and "заглавные буквы". I understand both mean "capital letters", but maybe they are used in different ways. For example, just recently I found out that in French "lettres majuscules" is a term used when talking about spelling rules and so, while "lettres capitales" is mostly used in typography to refer to letters which are in upper case whether they're following the spelling rules or not. Does this apply to Russian as well?

Thanks in advance :)
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    No, there isn't any difference between these two terms in Russian. They are listed as full synonyms in major dictionaries.

    Some people think that "заглавная (о букве)" is a word for everyday use, while "прописная (о букве)" is the proper linguistic term:
    Заглавные буквы — это обиходное название. В русском языке используется специальный лингвистический термин — прописные буквы.
    Подробнее: ЗАГЛАВНЫЕ БУКВЫ - это какие (большие или маленькие)? Пример
    Personally, I only say "заглавная буква". "Прописной" sounds old-fashioned to me.

    In daily life, "большие/маленькие буквы" can also be used instead of "заглавные/строчные буквы" if the phrase turns out unambiguous (e.g.: "писать(ся) с большой/маленькой буквы"):
    Это слово всегда пишется с большой буквы?
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