солянка and селянка

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    there are two words: солянка (used now) and селянка (used until the end of the 19.th century)

    source: http://www.interfax.by/?id=13_8_6_3_3

    Do you know, how the words changed and where they came from?

    Did they also change the meaning? The article says, when I understand it right, that it was made from fishes in the beginning. Is this true? Or is it just one variant?

    Is there a difference to the Ukrainian development and history?

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    Originally it meant, according to various sources, very different dishes from the hot soup with meat or fish, cabbage, onion and cucumber and ending with the dish of wheat bread with eggs.
    Therefore, in fact it meant just a "healthy" rural/peasant food (etymologically from село - village)
    But with time it has changed to солянка, probably contaminated with salt (соль) and now means in cookery either stewed cabbage with meat or fish or mushrooms, or a thick hot fish or meat soup.
    Out of cookery солянка means a mix (especially сборная солянка) and may refer in this sense to anything you want:
    - Наша национальная футбольная команда - сборная солянка из футболистов самого разного уровня.
    - Совет безопасности ООН - сборная солянка из представителей стран самого различного уровня развития.
    I doubt солянка could be Ukrainian word, most likely it was loaned from Russian, because солянка < соль, and in Ukrainian соль - сiль.
    The only meaning of Ukrainian селянка - peasant-woman.
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    Thank you very much. It helped to clarify some questions in the German Wikipedia.

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