сядам / седя & лягам / лежа ( Bulgarian )



I came back with another question which may be simple for Bulgarian users.
Recently I have learned that all Bulgarian verbs has incomplete and complete forms. Some are similar while some are very dinstictive but usage differs according to tenses. But among these, I met some verbs with the same meaning but different declensions in incomplete form while their completed form is the same.
For instance:

Incomplete form ( несвършен вид )
сядам / седя
лягам / лежа
Completed form ( свършен вид )

I was taught that incomplete forms are generally used in present continuous and simple present tenses while completed forms are generally used in past & future tenses. I understood the difference of meaning between incomplete and completed forms. However; above mentioned incomplete verbs were said to have different meanings as well. When I checked from the dictionary both сядам / седя and лягам / лежа have same meanings. Can you tell me what is the difference between these ? Is there really a distinction of use ?
  • Panceltic

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    Those are two different things.

    On one hand you have сядам (imperfective) vs. седна (perfective), and лягам (imperfective) vs. легна (perfective) which both indicate moving into a sitting/lying position.

    On the other hand you have седя and лежа (both imperfective) which indicate being in a sitting/lying position.