"с бритвой носиться по всему миру и махать этой бритвой"

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    "В том числе к этим средствам относятся и вооруженные средства, но это не панацея и мы не собираемся с бритвой носиться по всему миру и махать этой бритвой", — сказал Путин

    Phrase used by Putin in press conference - can anyone help with metaphor/slang use of word for razor here?

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  2. John_Doe Senior Member

    I'd say he used the word razor in the literal sense. However for me, using a razor as a weapon is strongly associated with criminals. As far as I know, Putin heavily draws on his experience as an KGB officer to invent new metaphors, so imagine a man (maybe a prisoner) threatening someone with a razor in his hand. Basically he says Russia isn't like that.
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  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Just to specify: "бритва" here is a straight razor, which other name "cut-throat razor" is self-explanatory.

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