удаляющиеся голоса

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  1. moonlight7 Senior Member

    Пытаюсь понять, как сказать: "удаляющиеся голоса" по-английски.
    "Он слышал удаляющиеся голоса"
    He heard their voices moving away?
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    More context, some idea of the style required, e.g. literary, conversational, and of the tense sequence so far would have helped. As it stands, I would say "he heard/could hear (their) voices fade/fading into the distance", but if it was, for example, night, something like "he heard voices fading into the night/twilight" would be good.
  3. moonlight7 Senior Member

    Thanks, Enquiring Mind! Your proposal ("fading into the distance") fits just perefectly!
    And sorry for the lack of context! Next time I will give more details!

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