успеем ещё разочароваться

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    Lines of an edited Chekov story from about a couple thinking that they would win a lottery.

    Иван Дмитриевич, глядя на жену, улыбался. Жена тоже улыбалась. Надежда на возможное счастье! Это так сладко!
    - Ну, теперь посмотрим номер.
    - Подожди, успеем ещё разочароваться. Выигрыш семьдесят пять тысяч. Это не деньги, а сила, капитал!

    1. What is the meaning of успеем ещё разочароваться?
    I understand the words individually, but not certain about the meaning of the whole sentence.

    2. Это не деньги, а сила, капитал!
    If word by word, I will put it as This is not money, but power, capital!
    But what should be a better translation?
  2. Ёж! Senior Member

    1. This means that he does not wish to become disappointed right now, he'd like to prolong the time of hope. «Успеем ещё» is a common idiom, it means it's not yet time to have or to do something bad, it is better to have it not now but in the future; for now it is better to hold the good spirit.

    2. The capital is the money understood as a power. That's it. :)
  3. inerrant Member

    Yes, he is trying to prolong the time without disappointment.

    But further it becomes clear that he will be disappointed in any case, with any distinct result:
    "А что, если мы выиграли? — сказал он. — Ведь это новая жизнь, это катастрофа!"
  4. Ёж! Senior Member

    So, if it is disappointment in any case, although for different reasons, it is very logical that he wishes to prolong the time of good spirit! :)
  5. YMOPA

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    That's not surprising, looking at the use cases of real-life lottery winners. Most of them end up broke and wrecked in 2-3 years time after the windfall. Hitting a big one means huge, irreversible change of life, not everyone is capable of absorbing such an immense stroke of luck.
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    I see, literally "Успеем ещё" means "still have time to", "can still manage" and thus the meaning you mentioned.

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