чудо в перьях


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How is this expression used? I know it literally means "miracle in feathers", but what does it mean to call someone that? My girlfriend keeps calling me this, and she gave some basic explanation that I don't seem to have understood well enough. Thanks.
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    What was her explanation?
    Usually we use this expression when the person is funny or sounds/looks funny.


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    The expression is popular in their language (I mean girls and women). :) I never take the expression as negative or offensive. Often it means that your girl appreciates your action, but she isn't completely happy because you looked (maybe) funny and awkwardly. In general, the expression can have rather tender sense...


    It may express pity, compassion (when you are did something to yourself) - it is affectionate.

    Mostly used by women towards men or boys.

    Very similar to "you poor thing!".

    - Ах ты ж, чудо ты в перьях! говорила тебе - не лазь в крапиву! - You poor thing! Didn't I tell you not to go where the nettle grows!


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    Чудо здесь не miracle, а fictional creature.
    Перья добавляют ему несуразности.


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    привет Rosett. пиши пожалуйста на английском, а то люди не поймут про что ты пишешь)))


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    In fact, "Чудо в перьях" is the heroine of a folk tale. I have always thought it is Russian, but when I tried to find it on the Net now, the only version I found was Mordovian. Here it is (in Russian): http://www.tale-store.ru/skazki-narodov-mira/55-mordovskie-narodnye-skazki/749-chudo-v-peryah If it is too hard for you to read it, I can give the gist: a stepmother mistreats her stepdaughter and to make fun of her, forces the poor girl to wear a dress made of feathers. The girl flees from home, taking the best dresses of her stepmother, and meets the crown prince in the forest. The prince takes her to the palace to show her as a freak to his guests, but later sees her in nice clothes, falls in love with her and marries the girl. As you see, it is a little like Cap o'Rushes - at least, the bit about the girl's clothes. It can also be regarded as a variation on the Cinderella theme.

    So, in this case, "чудо" would be better translated not as "miracle", but as "curiosity", "oddity", "absurdity", "strange thing" or something like that. The poor girl in her dress of feathers looked not miraculous, but preposterous.

    Thus, if anyone calls you "чудо в перьях", he means that either your appearance or behaviour (or both) is absurd.
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