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أطلق عليه اسمًا: سمَّاه

I can't seem to find this in Arabic to English or English to Arabic when I search up "to name [something]" or "to call [something]"

Thank you
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    Thank you for the feedback. You can actually find
    يسمي شيئًا/شخصًا شيئًا، يطلق على شيء/شخص اسم شيء
    under "name" here. By the way, the English-Arabic dictionary renders the Arabic verbs in the present tense (مضارع). The entry "call" has
    يسمّي شخصًا شيئًا، يدعو شخصًا شيئًا

    As for the Arabic-English dictionary, please note that this is a basic one. It doesn't encompass all possible collocations.